15. Evaluating the effectiveness of e-marketing mix

Introductory description

Introductory description

Goal – to introduce web applications/search engines optimisation (SEO) principles and functions. 


  • To present and introduce SEO – a tool for e-business promotion.
  • To analyse and identify the basic principles of the SEO process.

Expected learning outcomes and skills:

To know how to use and customise SEO principles in order to promote, publicise and disseminate information online. 

Duration of topic studying: 7 academic hours – 2 of them are allocated to the study of the module (theoretical classes), 1 academic hour – practice classes and 4 academic hours – self-study. 

Key words:

SEO (Search Engines Optimisation) – website application/search engine optimisation process.

URL (Universal Resource Locator) – a web page address.