13. Pricing and placing channels on the Internet (I)

Introductory description

The goal - to introduce advertising budget formation’s methods and the techniques of advertising online payment.


  • To analyze and identify the advertising budget methodology and principles.
  • To introduce the main online advertising payment methods.

Expected learning outcomes and skills:

  • Ability to select, adapt, develop and evaluate the advertising budget according to the methodology.
  • Ability to identify, quantify and assess advertising online payment methods

Duration of subject learning:  7 AH (academic hour) - 2 AH - on learning of the module (theoretical classes), 1 AH – on practical workshops and 4 AH-on individual work

Basic concepts:

E-marketing / advertising budget - it's part of the overall marketing budget for marketing / advertising tool execution and implementation of the Internet.

(CPM. Cost Per Mile) - payment for online advertising displays - applies to 1000 pcs. of banners displays   volume.

 FF (Eng. Flat Free) - payment for online advertising time.

CPC (Eng. Cost Per Click) - payment for online advertising clicks.

VTR (Eng. View Through Rate) - the ratio of online advertising impressions and views.

CTR (Eng. Click Through Rate) - the ratio of online advertising displays and clicks.

 CPA (Eng. Cost Per Action / Acquisition) - payment for online activities.