12. Advertisement and other means of communication on the Internet (II)

Introductory description

Goal – to introduce contextual advertising and viral marketing, their principles, functions and aspects.


  • To identify e-business popularity and promotion measures - contextual advertising, its functions and principles.
  • To identify e-business and promotion measures – viral marketing – its functions and principles.

Expected learning outcomes and skills:

  • Ability to use contextual advertising means to promote, publish and disseminate information on the e-space.
  • Ability to use viral marketing tools to promote, publish and disseminate information online.

Duration of topic studying: 7 academic hours – 2 of them are allocated to the study of the module (theoretical classes), 1 academic hour – practice classes and 4 academic hours – self-study.

Key words:

Contextual advertising – a way of targeted advertising, when ads are places on a website or other media, depending on a query or the content of the website.

Viral marketing – this strategy encourages individuals on a voluntary basis transfer advert message to other individuals.