3. Internet impact on traditional marketing, basic marketing concepts (I)

Introductory description

The goal – to introduce with the impact of online technologies and the influence of traditional marketing system.


  • To identify and introduce the main Internet technology affected by the traditional marketing concepts and issues
  • To analyze the impact on the Internet traditional marketing complex elements.

Expected learning outcomes and skills:

  • Traditional and online marketing principles affected by perception.
  • The influence of Internet technology complex elements and the identification of changes in their knowledge on marketing

Duration of subject learning:  7 AH (academic hour) - 2 AH - on learning of the module (theoretical classes), 1 AH – on practical workshops and 4 AH-on self-employment.

Basic concepts:

Marketing - purchasing and sales relationships are based on economic system development process, which formed some form of market and business enterprise or individual goals in the market conditions.

Marketing complex - certain actions and decisions aimed at the company's goals to satisfy the needs of users.