7. E-marketing strategies (Part I)

Introductory description

The goal - to introduce the effect of the Internet market segmentation and consumer research


  • To get acquainted with the market segmentation, analyze and identify  e-market segmentation process and basic principles.
  • To introduce the online research types, methods and principles

Expected learning outcomes and skills:

  • The main market / customer segmentation principles of knowledge and ability to apply and  form them.
  • Ability to recognize different types of users on the Internet.
  • Research and implementation of the principles of the Internet awareness and knowledge, ability to choose and apply according to the situation and the need.

Duration of subject learning:  7 AH (academic hour) - 2 AH - on learning of the module (theoretical classes), 1 AH – on practical workshops and 4 AH-on individual work

Basic concepts:

Segmentation - this is the total market breakdown into separate groups (consumer organizations) that have similar needs.

The research - is an activity providing business data / information that is the basis of identified opportunities and problems of marketing actions formation, development, marketing activities and their performance evaluation and etc.

The marketing process - it's the analysis marketing opportunity, selection of target markets, marketing complex creation and marketing management.