6. Online marketing objectives and functions

Introductory description

Introductory description

The goal - to introduce with the objectives and functions of online marketing


  • Identify the main e-marketing objectives and functions.

Expected learning outcomes and skills:

  • The perception of systemic uptake of e-marketing aspects through the prism of the objectives and functions.
  • Internet technology affects the perception of the principles of marketing communications.

Duration of subject learning:  6 AH (academic hour) - 2 AH - on learning of the module (theoretical classes), 1 AH – on practical workshops and 3 AH-on individual work.

Basic concepts:

The objective of e- marketing - to get the maximum effect from the web site (online store, the company's Web site) visitors, convert visitors to real customers, the result of all this is the increased profits of  companies  which advertise  their goods and services online.