2. The development of information and communication technologies and their impact on business (II)

Introductory description

The aim – to get acquaint with information technology and telecommunication development’s impact on business through the prism of the consumer and the economy


  • To acquaint with changes in consumer behaviour that influences the development of ICT.
  • To analyze and be able to identify consumer behaviour.
  • To identify the knowledge of economy and industrial economic concept and reveal the fundamental differences between the knowledge and the industrial economies.

Expected learning outcomes and skills:

  • Internet user behaviour perception and understanding.
  • Ability to identify different internet users.
  • Knowledge of economic and industrial economic concept, the processes of perception and     the ability to distinguish them.

Duration of subject learning:  7 AH (academic hour) - 2 AH - on learning of the module (theoretical classes), 1 AH – on practical workshops and 4 of AH-on self-employment.

Basic concepts:

Informative man - is a literate person, who knows how to search for, collect, elaborate and disseminate information.

User - natural person who acquires or uses goods and services not for professional consumption

Industrial economy- is one of the kinds of economies where the economic system is based on material production