1. The development of information and communication technologies and their impact on business (I)

Introductory description

The aim – to familiarize with an impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) development on business and its system. 


  • To introduce the development of ICT and management, the impact of ICT development on changes of business environment.
  • Be able to understand and distinguish concepts of the knowledge economy and information society.
  • To identify and value extents of business transformations.

Expected learning outcomes and skills:

  • Understanding of ICT and management development as well as ability to analyse changes of business environment.
  • Perception of concepts of the knowledge economy and information society, ability to distinguish them.
  • Ability to identify and value the extent of business transformation.

Training duration of this topic: 7 academic hours – 2 academic hours for theoretical occupations, 1 academic hour for practical occupations and 4 academic hours for self-study work.

Key words:

Information and communication technologies (ICT) technologies, which contribute to faster flow of information – from digital radio to mobile phones and e-mail.

Knowledge economy – this is a system where legal and economic assumptions as well as management and economic mechanisms, modern technologies and human resources are combined and which emerges developing the market economy and different technologies especially information technologies.

Information society is a society, which collects information continually in all branches of science and industry later on crafting this information learns continually and develops new skills as well as adapts this knowledge to life and work activities.

Telematic system is an integrated processing and transmission system of information.