Topic outline

  • General

    • Method Development in Brief

          Brief description of the methods and techniques used in developing result 2

    • The Method

      A document describing the development of an innovative teaching method created with the support of innovative multimedia technologies and ICT, and focusing on teaching with the use of mobile technology (D-learning and M-learning). Authors: the Latvian Team: Mr. Alexander Klimov, Mrs. Mara Raubisko, Mrs. Inese Celitane, Mrs. Taija Smane, Mrs. Galina Vodcica, Mr. Aleksejs Samohvalovs. 

    • The Report

    • Presentations

      Three presentations by the Latvian Team on:

      1. Healthy Food

      2. Marketing Types

      3. Moodle Usage

    • Picture Time!

      Some nice pictures showing how the Latvian Team worked on their result. :-)